Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Photos...

New Con Edison Hires?

A discussion on who will do the dangerous task.

Looks like someone got their assignment.

Heard these guys minutes ago in the backyard, they then flew to the power lines where I was able to snap off a few shots. Monk Parakeets, have adjusted quite well in New York City and could possibly be in all five boroughs.  There was a colony not too far from where I live, but their nest seemed empty when I checked in the spring and appeared abandoned.  Maybe, they are scouting real estate in the neighborhood to set up shop again?

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Annette B said...

we have monk parakeets in Florida too. They make pretty good size "condo" nests around transformers. I always hear them in the morning when I let the dogs out....quite a squabbly group!

Out walking the dog said...

What great shots - and captions. I have yet to see any Monk Parakeets in Manhattan. Where were these photos shot?