Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bronx-Westchester Christmas Bird Count 2009...

Early morning scoping netted some good finds.

On Sunday, December 27th, I participated in the Bronx-Westchester Christmas Bird Count, which happened to be the 86th count for that region. I birded with Tom Burke, Gail Benson and Rich Kelly, all excellent birders and naturalists. The weather was superb, perhaps too good, which made our work a little harder as species moved around. Nevertheless at the end of the day the count ended up with 117 species; it was not easy but we cracked the century mark.

Highlights included Rusty Blackbird, Black Vultures, Common Ravens, Northern Gannett, Pine Warblers and Baltimore Orioles. It was a long day of birding as we worked hard as a team to get as many species as we could. The day wrapped up with a lovely compilation dinner at the Lenoir Nature Center. Enjoy the photos!

American Robin - a bird that becomes an important find during the CBC.

Tom Burke our team leader maps out the team strategy (photo by Gail Benson)

We noted the Christmas decorations around us (photo by Gail Benson).

Participants enjoyed dining and conversing during the compilation.

From L-R, Eric Miller, Ian Resnick and George Dadone of the Queens County Bird Club.

Tom Burke is a picture of total concentration as he tabulates the numbers.

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Raymond Vagell said...

I've noticed that some American Robins in my neighborhood never left this winter. Did you happen to find out from the CBC why they did not leave?