Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mew Gull In Bensonhurst Park Brooklyn NY...

In dire weather conditions birder, Shane Blodgett, found a Mew Gull (which looks like the European Species Larus canus canus a.k.a. Common Gull), in Brooklyn NY. I first heard of the find from my friend Patricia Lindsay and from that call, I got in touch with Shane to try and pin down the location. Shane was such a good sport that he stuck around to get several birders on the Gull including Peter Dorosh, President of the Brooklyn Bird Club, and Doug Futuyma another birder who came out all the way from LI to get on the bird. Credit and thanks to Shane for spotting this bird and sticking around to help others get on it. The wind and rain made it very difficult to get decent photographs of this bird, but I gambled with my optics getting wet and tried to get some photos for documentation and comparison.

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Shane said...


Thanks for sharing. Your shots are certainly an improvement on mine!



Hi Shane - thanks for visiting. I and others should be thank you for finding the bird and sticking through the cold, wind and rain to get others on it.

A shame about your scope. I am hoping some good Samaritan found your scope and returns it. See you afield and again, great find!