Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Superbowl Bound...

L-R John, Mike, Corey, Christopher and Nate
In recent days the internet has been abuzz. No, it was not about Apple's marriage with Verizon re: the iPhone. This was bigger and better. Rumors were running rampant that last year’s Essex County winners in the Massachusetts Super Bowl of Birding might be back. Well, I am pleased to announce that the rumors are true. Those rambunctious, energetic, affable bunch of birders, the Bloggerhead Kingbirds you are all so fond of are heading back to the Superbowl of Birding, which is all happening this weekend in Massachusetts!!! Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating just...a tiny bit on the popularity of these birders, but...you will be rooting for us...right?

A quick summary on the event - The Superbowl of Birding is an annual competition, similar to New Jersey's World Series of Birding, but with a few important differences. The main differences are that it takes place in New England in the heart of winter and is only a 12 hour competition, starting at 5am and going until 5pm.  Visit the link to learn more.

L-R John, Mike and Captain Ciccone
This year's team remain intact from last year and is comprised of the following individuals, Mike Powers, Corey Finger, Nathan Swick, John Beetham, Christopher Ciccone and I . They are all fantastic birders and bloggers (not sure how I managed to make the group) and I am very humbled to be invited back to make another run at the championship.  You will notice that I did not link to each of their blogs. Why?  Well, we are doing this introduction thing, where you will have to cycle through each of their blogs to learn more about them starting with my fellow Bloggerhead Kingbird, our fearless leader and captain of the Bloggerhead Kingbirds. Christopher Ciccone from Picus Blog. A gregarious, positive, energy filled birder who started the team in 2009.

Even though I have not spent a lot of time with Christopher in the field, my first impression was a positive one as I observed him rescuing a birder who was faltering in the mud on the East Pond at Jamaica Bay NY.  The next time I saw him was during last year's Super Bowl.  While Christopher's birding revolves around New England, he also travels for birds and shares his photography with his readers on his blog and on Facebook.  So if you want to look at some excellent photography from New England and beyond, head over to Picus Blog. If you visit his blog, you will also meet another member of the team as Christopher will be introducing Corey Finger.   Oh and here is another tidbit about Christopher, he is a fanatic about Woodpeckers.  But then you knew that...given the name of his blog...right?   Check back for more on the Bloggerhead Kingbirds as we gear up for competition day!!


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corey said...

You are not exaggerating at all: we're famous!

Now let's go out there and win!


@Corey - famous last words :) I am all for winning!!!

noflickster said...

If we're not famous now, we will be in a few short days. One way or another. Or am I thinking of "infamous"? Either way, it'll be great - looking forward to the weekend!

Cindy said...

Good luck to you all!!! It looked like you all had great fun last year!