Saturday, January 8, 2011

LeConte's Sparrow at Calverton Grasslands...

The calls going out to spread the word!
I believe in being positive at all times and not dwelling on the negatives even if it means dipping on target birds.  I was having a conversation of this nature today with Tom Burke on the runways of the Epcal Calverton Grasslands as we looked in vain for a Lark Sparrow.  Sending Tom on his way with wishes of positive thinking, I was with Patricia Lindsay just seconds behind Tom's truck when her phone rang.  It was Tom and he had called to inform us that he had just seen a LeConte's Sparrow.  How Tom picked that bird up as he and Gail drove by the area where the bird was found? Well, only those who bird with Tom or seen him in action in the field would understand. The man is relentless!!!  I call it, "The Burke Factor"!  A life and state bird, thank you!  Here are some digiscoped shots of the LeConte's Sparrow and the gathering that followed.

LeConte's Sparrow Paparazzi!

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