Saturday, February 6, 2010

Backyard News - Accipiter Morning Stake Out...

With weather updates constantly changing on how much snow was expected, I decided to ride out the morning to see what played out. Keeping an eye out in the backyard, paid off as I noted an accipiter staking out the feeding stations. The bird took off before I could get any photos, but I was not worried as I figured it was circling around for another run as part of its hunting strategy. I guessed correctly, as I noted the bird about an hour later in the exact same spot and this time I was able to get some decent photos. I started to name the Hawk, but decided I would give readers a chance to make the ID...though I know some of you probably read my comment earlier today and may already know :) Enjoy!

Looked out this morning and saw this hawk scoping out the feeding stations.

The Cherry tree is a favorite spot for an ambush.

I have refrained from any trimming that would allow me clear shots.

Last winter, I had a juvenile accipiter that came in and watched me re-fill feeders.

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Dawn Fine said...

Very cool!
I know I know..
Becuase i cheated..
Hawk with shins of sharpness

Dan Huber said...

Andrew - looks just like the one i saw yesterday but am also unsure - think a cooper's?

Unknown said...

Great shots Andrew
I would go for a Sharp-shinned Hawk
I'm no specialist...

Appalachian Lady said...

Looks like a sharp-shinned hawk maybe? Great photos.


Thanks to you all for taking a shot at the ID. Sharp-shinned Hawk is correct.