Saturday, February 28, 2009

A long day of birding covering three sites...

I decided, to hit a couple of spots today today since the weather was predicting snow in the forecast for tomorrow. My first stop, was at the Salt Marsh Nature Center in Brooklyn, where I tallied a total of 35 species with the most notable being a male Redhead Duck. My second stop, was at Floyd Bennett field, which for the most part was quiet...though I did get about 65 horned Larks out on the cricket field. My last stop was at Alley Pond Park; this was my first time out at that location for the year and the most notable sightings were Pine Siskins and both resident Great Horned Owls. Sadly, it appears that the Great Horned Owls are not nesting as the female would have been sitting on her nest instead of flying about. Since it is late in the breeding season for Great Horned Owls, it may be that we will not be seeing any Great Horned Owlets at Alley Pond Park this year. Share with Bookmark and Share

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