Friday, October 22, 2010

Third Time's The Charm For A Western Kingbird...

On October 8th, I had left a business lunch and on my way home when I picked up an e-mail that a Western Kingbird was seen at Fort Tilden Queens.  At first, I was a little irritated that this information was not disseminated earlier because I was near the area and could have zipped over to see what would have been a state bird. Not one to dwell on negatives, I began to calculate the time I would take to get home and then to get back into traffic (rush hour) to go after the bird.

Musing over my other 2 tries I had made and dipped on already, I decided that I would gamble and go for it even though it was several hours since the bird was seen.  Taking the approach that if it was there I would get it, I got home took the time to switch into birding gear and headed back out to Fort Tilden.

Western Kingbird at Fort Tilden

Within minutes of birding the area, I picked up my state Western Kingbird.  I took the time to observe and photograph the bird.  I continued birding the area and picked up another good bird in a Yellow-Breasted Chat, my 4th of the year, but first for the county.  Fort Tilden, is one of my favorite places to bird and was the first site I started the year with, it was only fitting that I got my Western Kingbird here.  The bird was not seen the next day, so I was happy that I got out there and picked up quite a good bird.  I hope you are seeing good birds too - enjoy the photos. 

Western Kingbird at Fort Tilden

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forestal said...

glad you caught it. i have actually seen this bird, but in puerto rico, no in continental us

dAwN said...