Thursday, October 7, 2010

Field Notes 9-26 to 10-3...

A slow start early in the week picked up by mid-week and I ended up with several good birds as the week wrapped up.  Birds, like American Golden Plovers, Clay-colored Sparrows (total of 2), Blue Grosbeak, Dickcissel (2nd in 2 weeks), Cattle Egret, Summer Tanager, Saltmarsh sharp-tailed Sparrows, Nelson's sharp-tailed Sparrows, Black-billed and Yellow-billed Cuckoos were all seen well enough to ID.  My favorite birds were the Sparrows and I was especially pleased to have juvenile White-crowned Sparrows in a number of places. The best sighting was the one in my backyard a few days ago. Speaking of backyard birds; late this afternoon, I picked up a new backyard bird as I spotted a Merlin zipping through while I was watching 2 Northern Mocking Birds eating the last few berries on one of the Beauty Berry (Callicarpa americana) shrubs in the backyard.  Hopefully, the next good wave of migrants bring in some exciting backyard birds that includes a new visitor or two or even a rarity (one can dream).  I hope you are seeing lots of Fall migrants too and enjoy the few photos I have posted from the week of birding.

Cattle Egret with food.

Juvenile Black-billed Cuckoo

Blue Grosbeak

Golden-crowned Kinglet - lots around so I figured I'd throw one in

Dickcissel (this time I got the right photo uploaded and verified it too)
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