Monday, January 4, 2010

Iceland Gull at Fort Tilden Queens NY...

I have been busy the last few days with Christmas Bird Counts and so have not had a chance to post on my new year's day birding. On January 1st, I got off to a late start for some New Year's birding that first took me to Fort Tilden in Queens NY. The land birds were scare, but I managed a few for my year list, including a Catbird, which is a rare commodity this time of the year. My best bird of the day was an Iceland Gull that I found near the Fort Tilden fisherman's parking lot. It appeared to be a first winter bird, which I got to observe and photograph. Later in the afternoon, I tried for and missed the Mew Gull that has been seen in Bensonhurst Park Brooklyn. Hope you enjoy some of the photos I have posted of the Iceland Gull.

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