Friday, February 26, 2010

Birds from the backyard...

Took some photos today of a few birds in the backyard while shoveling out snow and replenishing feeders. I observed a total of 16 species, not bad for a snow filled day. Enjoy the photos!

Northern Mockingbird scrounging for winter berries.

Dark-eyed Junco

White-throated Sparrow

Female Northern Cardinal

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forestal said...

Nice pictures, sometimes the snowy days are more fun to watch at the feeders and I think you got a lot more than we here in ct, only 1" on the ground, more rain than anything


Cindy said...

Great pictures, Andrew.

Anonymous said...

great to see that many birds "just like that" - AND taking nice pictures as well

Appalachian Lady said...

Great shots! I saw a Northern Mockingbird at our suet feeder yesterday. That was a rare sight.