Sunday, February 7, 2010

Backyard News - Accipiter Afternoon Stake Out...

Yesterday, in about an hour after the Sharp-shinned Hawk had departed from its stakeout (see the post below), another accipiter showed up in almost exactly the same spot. Same tree, just setting up shop on the branch above where the Sharp-shinned had been. Interestingly, the small birds came out and foraged - something they did not do when the Sharp-shinned was around. Again, rather than ID this hawk, I will give my readers a chance to get the species type. Enjoy the photos!

Look out below here I come!

You had better be afraid!

Ha! You guys always fall for it...I was just stretching.

See, I could do this standing on one leg too.

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MikeyBoy50 said...

Please stop showing Hawk pics. It's chasing all my backyard birds away! :-)

I have to admit I do have a hawk here too and no birds...

Great set of pictures.
Respects Brother

Kerri said...

Love this!!!


@MikeyBoy50 @Kerri - thank you. I am very lucky to be able to observe these birds close up in my backyard.