Monday, July 28, 2014

American Avocets at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge

American Avocets have showed up in several places around the state this year, including a rare occurrence in Inwood Manhattan. I kept thinking that we were due at Jamaica Bay although I acknowledge that it is not a bird to expect every year. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find two birds,a male and female sleeping on the East Pond. I quickly put together a post for our bird list serves but only moments later much to my dismay, they flew heading east off the pond.

I remained hopeful that they would return and kept a watchful eye out.  After a while, I picked them up as they came back in again and I was relieved that other birders might get them. Sean Sime and Corey Finger who I left watching the birds were two other birders who came out and got looks. Other notable shorebirds on the East Pond this morning included PECTORAL SANDPIPER, STILT SANDPIPER, WESTERN SANDPIPER and LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER. The latter was one of the two seen yesterday as I deemed it a male from the size. No sign of the hulking female LBDO but the Dowitcher numbers were down, so she could have pulled out.

Sean Sime, reported having PECTORAL, STILT and WESTERN SANDPIPER all on the south when I was looking at the same on the North End, so there are multiples on the pond. One just have to look for them. The other notable bird this morning that was not a shorebird was a Northern Waterthrush. Observed on the north end, its presence was betrayed a chip note and it took me bit but finally, I tracked it down and even managed a photo. Hopefully, the Avocets stick around for others to see.   

Remember to wear knee high boots if birding the pond; especially, if you are going to try the North End, which still has water, although not as high as it was earlier in the season. Tags: , , , , Share with Bookmark and Share

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Avery Scott said...

Thanks for the update! One question--since you said to use knee-high boots, is a lot of wading necessary to get to the pond? Also, is it safe to use a spotting scope or will the tripod sink into the mud?