Monday, December 16, 2013

Varied Thrush at Stuyvesant Manhattan NYC...

YAY for patch birding and Girl Power!!!  Perhaps, my best moment yesterday during the Captree Long Island Christmas Bird Count was when I learned that Louise Fraza and Pearl Broder had found a Varied Thrush in Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan NYC. The bird was later refound by Ann Lazarus.  I was especially pleased that Ann was involved because of all the efforts she has put into birding that patch.

The story goes that Louise Fraza and Pearl Broder who were birding with Ann Lazarus in Stuyvesant Town, had broken off from the group and were counting the Robins on a grassy area near the North-western edge of 20th Street and Stuyvesant, near first avenue. When Louise was stunned to see a bird that was not an American Robin but instead a Varied Thrush. Turing to Pearl, Louise remarked, "look a Western Robin."  You could imagine the excitement that followed.

Pearl who had her camera immediately began to take photos. They then went looking for Ann Lazarus who instead of going for the bird, went to her apartment to try and post the bird but ran into computer difficulties (I wonder how many birders would be that generous to post instead of going after the bird immediately).  She then called and left me a message on my cellphone.  In the meantime, Louise was trying to reach as many people as she could; especially those who were at the Christmas count in the Central Park Armory. She finally managed to reach Cathy Drake who in turn contacted Alan Drogin (sp) who then announced the find at the Central Park CBC compilation.

Ann then returned to the area and refound the bird in a different location.  Really a nice story and terrific job by Louise, Pearl and Ann for the find and getting photos of the bird.

Today, Stephen Chang provided a link from the Linnean Society that shows a map of the area and a write up by Ann Lazarus on how to bird the Stuyvesant Area.  I hope this helps for those of us who are not familiar with the location.  Congratulations again to Louise, Pearl and Ann on a terrific find

Here are some photos from Pearl Broder who documented the find!

Varied Thrush Copyright Pearl Broder.

Varied Thrush Copyright Pearl Broder.

Varied Thrush Copyright Pearl Broder.

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