Monday, December 9, 2013

Audubon NY and NYC Audubon Steps in to Save Snowy Owls at JFK...

Birders, photographers, naturalists and all those who love wildlife should be pleased to know that officials from both Audubon NY and NYC Audubon worked feverishly behind the scenes this morning to get the NY/NJ Port Authority to rethink their management policy of Snowy Owls at John F. Kennedy Airport.

I learned moments ago that officials from both Audubon offices will follow up tomorrow with the Governor's office, Port Authority and DEC.  Let us hope they are able to develop a workable non-lethal alternative.

I thank Audubon NY, NYC Audubon, Governor Cuomo, Port Authority and DEC for listening and taking the necessary steps stop the killing.   Give them a call tomorrow if you can my dear readers and let them know how much you appreciated the work they did and will do.

To all you birders, photographers, naturalists and anyone else who took the time out from their daily schedule to get involved with this issue.  I thank you on behalf of all Snowy Owls.  Stay alert!

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