Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kissena Park Queens Report...

Grandpa Louie and his granddaughter get their life Blue Grosbeak
While we await for the Sparrow build up at Kissena Park in Queens NY, birders continue to find interesting stuff there; especially, in an area known as "Kissena Corridor".  Birds like, Long Tailed Paradise Whydah, European Goldfinch, Budgerigar and just recently a Common Linnet was seen in the area.  While these birds are all speculated to be "escapees" there are other "legitimate" birds to be seen.

Good numbers of Indigo Buntings, Ruby-Crowned Kinglets and other more common birds have all been seen recently.  On Sunday, I found a 1st winter Blue Grosbeak, which was observed quite well with Andria as well as with grandfather Louie and his granddaughter (life bird for them).  The bird was seen near the wood chip path on the right as you head towards the hospital and seemed to be favoring "Lambs Quarters" seeds from a plant near a huge patch of Mugwort.

Today, near that same area I observed and photographed an Orange-Crowned Warbler.  This bird was moving between that area and another weedy area that is on your left as you bear south on the wood chip path, as if you were heading towards the basketball courts.  Other notable birds today included Scarlet Tanager and Field Sparrow.

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