Monday, October 21, 2013

Kissena Park Queens - Immature Red-headed Woodpecker...

There could be two immature RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS at Kissena Park in Queens. If not, then we have a bird that has traveled across the road to Kissena Corridor and back as I along with birder Joseph O'Sullivan have seen one at the Corridor on different occasions. This past Saturday Andria and I observed an immature RHWO near the lake - a bird that was reported earlier in the week by Eric Miller and presumed to be the same.

I managed a few photos of this bird, so hopefully if I see and photograph the "supposedly" other RHWO across the street, I could determine if it is the same bird or not. Other good birds at Kissena on Saturday included an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER seen at the Corridor (very likely the bird I found on Wednesday), Red-eyed Vireo, Brown Thrasher and a female Scarlet Tanager.

Sparrow diversity increased slightly with a few more Field Sparrows showing up but the park still lack the numbers we enjoyed last year. Hopefully the next push of birds will bring in more and get the variety up as we still don't have a LARK SPARROW or DICKCISSEL for the area, both of which were reported there last year. Tags: , , , Share with Bookmark and Share

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Unknown said...

Wonderful.. the immature Red Geaded Woodpecker! Thanks for the treat!