Sunday, July 21, 2013

Interesting Calidrid at Jamaica Bay East Pond or just a SESA...

Instead of posting yesterday's shorebirds report (7-20-2013) from the East Pond at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, in Queens NY;  I figured I would post images of a Calidrid, that caught my eye while I was on the Pond.  This bird seemed slightly larger than a Semipalmated Sandpiper and more attenuated with longer primaries than I would expect in a SESA.  I spent quite some time puzzling over whether I was just looking at an odd looking albeit bigger looking SESA, but the bill, structure and behavior did not seem quite right.  Baird's Sandpiper crossed my mind as well as White-rumped Sandpiper (I am definitely ruling out White-rumped Sandpiper) and even a sort of hybrid, but I am just not sure.

I will continue to review this bird and try and study it some more if I refind it in the field, but for now I wanted to put a few images online for review and feedback.  What are your thoughts?

Interesting Calidrid on the left on the right is a SESA.  Note the primaries on the left bird.

This was digiscoped, so I was able to get a closer shot of the bird.  Look how finely tipped the bill is.

Here is a good comparison of the SESA on the right.  Note the size difference and structure.

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