Sunday, March 10, 2013

Varied Thrush AKA Alaskan Robin shows up in Prospect Park Brooklyn NY...

I opted not to go for this bird on Friday when it was reported from Prospect Park, but instead decided to get work done. That might have cost me the great looks and photo opportunities that some were presented. Nevertheless, I was grateful yesterday to have enjoyed extended looks at a very nice male Varied Thrush that sometimes was hard to find as it worked its way among leaf litter.

Many birders came out for this rarity in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and I enjoyed sharing and helping others get the bird. The only downside was not being able to get the bird for 9 year old Gabe who was unable to get on the bird before it disappeared for the afternoon. Hopefully Gabe returned at some point and got the bird. Here are some photos taken under tough conditions as the bird was partially obscured all afternoon.

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1 comment:

Anne Higgins said...

Wow! Wonderful photos of that Varied Thrush! How I would love to see one!

Best wishes from Anne