Friday, November 30, 2012

Bronx Birding - Barnacle Goose at Van Cortlandt Park...

The Bronx, is often times forgotten when it comes to birding, but it is one of my favorite boroughs to bird. Maybe because it has so much history for naturalists like Roger Tory Peterson who was a member of the Bronx County Bird Club.

With over development and loss of habitat, gone from Van Cortlandt Park are the days of goodies like of King Rail, but we still now and again get those coveted vagrants.  Like the Greater-white Fronted Goose, from last year, this is a new addition to the species of birds for Van Cortlandt Park, which is usually something that brings visitors from afar. Once, I posted that the Barnacle Goose was observed on Sunday November 25th, many birders have visited the park to see and photograph this neat goose. Here are some of my own photos.

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Dave said...

Going tomorrow. Hope he/she is still there.

Dennis said...

Great shots of the Barnacle Goose. Saw it last week when the Riverdale Press folks were there. Be great to see more Van Cortlandt pics. The hooded merganser is still on the lake for instance.