Friday, September 28, 2012

San Diego California Land Birds Day 1...

Here are some images from my recent trip to San Diego California.  These images are some of the birds seen on Day 1, which was spent in the north near areas such as Mission Bay Channel, Quivira Way, Quivira Basin, Famosa Slough and Robb Field .

I was especially pleased to finally see a Long-billed Curlew, a bird that I had not seen until this trip, so it was a LIFE BIRD!  San Diego, was fantastic and I see myself returning in the near future to do more land birding, as the few days I had were all too short for the amount of birding I did.  My friend Heydi Lopes who came with me on the trip agreed that although we birded non stop immediately after arriving, we felt we could have done somethings better with regards to how we approached the land birding.  But you learn and  some birds should be for another time. Lots more images to come including many from multiple days at sea. 

Elegant Terns on Quivira Way - an area that reminded me of Cupsogue LI.
Long-billed Curlew - on the flats at Robb Field.

Heermann's Gull at the beach near Mission Bay Channel.

Marbled Godwit and Western Sandpipers - loved seeing them at Mission Bay.

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