Thursday, July 12, 2012

Proposed Name Change to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitor's Center...

I don't give a damn that the spin doctors are trying to sell this as only a name change to the visitor's center and not the refuge. It should not happen!!!!!

On June 12th, Congressman Bob Turner, held a press conference in front of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center which is part of the Gateway National Recreational Area- to announce a proposed legislation the Congressman is authoring- to rename the center to honor former New York Senator James L. Buckley. This is not good news at all for those who love Jamaica Bay and we had better stay alert because who knows what will follow next.

What is the down side to all of this, well for starters, we lose the connection to Jamaica Bay and its WILDLIFE and the fact that it is considered a "Refuge". And who is James Buckley anyway? What was his contribution to Jamaica Bay?  None I bet!!!  If there is any name changing to occur, the name Herbert Johnson (the man who practically built the place) should be the only name for this consideration.

A petition to voice opposition to the legislature has been started at Unfortunately, it is tied to having a Facebook Account. If you don't have a Facebook Account (don't blame you for that), please call the office of Bob Turner and let them know you are opposed to this nonsense. Here are some additional contact information - E-mail: Or call 202 225 6616 

For those of you in the New York area, (especially birders), don't sit on your backsides and whine about changes like this without doing something. Take action!!  By calling the office of Bob Turner and or signing the petition.  It may be a minor gesture, but at least you would have tried. Share with Bookmark and Share

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