Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Migration Madness...

What's this I hear?  Hmm...sounds like a Yellow-rumped Warbler, or is it?  Spring madness is here! Yes, that time is upon us again as birders of all levels who have waited anxiously for the return of those migrating birds are gearing up. This is especially the time when those colorful warblers are beginning to arrive.

Birders worth their salt will tell you that they were preparing in the closing winter stages, studying plumage and the songs of these fast moving birds that often tend to stay high in tree canopies. And speaking of tree canopies, with the warm weather, trees have leafed out much faster than many would have liked. This is where knowing the songs or chip notes will enable a birder to zero in on location and species.  It is not easy and no amount of gadgets will substitute for empirical observation in the field.  Here are some photos highlighting some of the fantastic birds seen over the past week as I did a bit of ground and pound in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn.

Eastern Willets

Wilson's Phalarope

Black-and-White Warbler

Kentucky Warbler

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Julie G. said...

Stunning photographs of beautiful birds! I so look forward to spring migration every year. It's a very exciting time. Oh how I would love to see a Kentucky Warbler.


Thank you Julie! You always have the nicest comments for me :)

I have many more warbler photos that I could have used with this post, but you know me and shorebirds ;) I just had to sneak them in there.

I had a more open shot of the Kentucky Warbler, but I love this one because shows the bird in its natural habitat as a ground skulker. Glad you like it!

Beverly said...

Excellent shot of the black and white warbler!! Those are hard to come by since those little beauties make coffee nervous! Great post!


Thanks Beverly. Truly, only someone who has spent time trying to photograph these birds would appreciate when a shot works.

I should tell you that I had plenty of throw away pictures :)

Cindy said...

Beautiful as usual Andrew! This has to be the year I get to see you in action ;-)