Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tim Gallagher and Richard Crossley on NPR...

The following are a few radio shows that I highly recommend readers to check out.

The first is Tim Gallagher from Cornell Lab talking about his search for the Imperial Woodpecker in the mountains of Mexico. It is a fascinating story on what started out as a quest to save a bird, ended up becoming a trip about Gallagher's own survival. Searching for a ghost bird. Here is a link to a video of what is the only known footage of this majestic woodpecker.

The second is Richard Crossley who was on NPR’s Science Friday just before Christmas. Ostensibly the interview was hooked to the Christmas Bird Count, but host Ira Flatow had some very nice things to say about The Crossley ID Guide and even did an on-air giveaway of the book with an audio bird ID contest. You can listen to the interview online: (look for the interview in the upper left corner of the page)

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Monica said...

thanks for posting this. I am often amazed at how infrequently birders post media-related information. I guess it's because they're always out in the field.

hilary said...

Yes thanks for posting! Got the Crossley ID guide for Christmas. Not sure how I feel about the text, but the plates really are lovely.