Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring arrivals in and around Jamaica Bay Queens NY…

We had a few days of warmth and with it came some of our early spring migrants. On Sunday, March 21st before I went for my Piping Plover volunteer event, I birded Big Egg Marsh, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge West Pond and Floyd Bennett Field. I was on a tight schedule, so I did not get to work over the areas as well as I would have liked.

Nevertheless, I picked up several FOS (first of the season) birds like Great Egret, Tree Swallow, and Osprey. Since then, we had a cold spell and yesterday and today saw a lot of rain. It is still early, but hopefully, dry and warm weather in the next few days, bring new migrants into the area.

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1 comment:

Dan Huber said...

last weekend saw an osprey on the nesting box at plum island and my 1st tree swallow here 5 days ago, can't waitfor more firsts this season