Monday, January 18, 2010

Western Grebe in Brooklyn NY...

Maybe, the title of this post should have been, "Shane Blodgett has done it again". Like he did in finding the still ongoing Common/Mew Gull (see my post here), Shane has found another great bird for Brooklyn and NY. A Western Grebe, which he found just east of the Coney Island fishing pier in Brooklyn this morning.

I was out and about, when I got the call from Shane but quickly diverted and headed over to the location of the bird. I enjoyed decent binocular and good scope views with a number of other birders (see photo above) who also came out to get this rarity. Below, are some digiscoped shots I have uploaded.

Western Grebe on right tucked in.

Western with two horned Grebes.

Western with two horned Grebes.

Western Grebe preening.

Western Grebe.

Western Grebe.

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forestal said...

Great find and pictures Andrew