Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 10th Species of Sparrows Seen in My Backyard is...

Field and immature White-Crowned Sparrow in the backyard.
When I decided a couple of years ago to try and create a backyard habitat for birds and butterflies, I had no idea that I would see and record the number of species, both birds and butterflies that I have seen to date. My yard, proudly displays the National Wildlife Federation certification sign for backyards that are certified as Wildlife Habitat and I am thinking of adding signage that displays recent sightings. Yesterday, I added to my growing yard list a, Field Sparrow. This, is a bird that I did not expect to see in my yard at all. Then again, I was shocked at the Swamp Sparrow last year and the Eastern Meadowlark that stopped by albeit briefly and so on...you get the idea. The Field Sparrow, makes it number 10 for birds in the Family: Emberizidae. This bird made number 90 for my yard list; I could have a few more, but because I did not get to photograph or was able to confirm the ID, I have to leave them out and hope for another chance. Enjoy the photos.

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1 comment:

dAwN said...

So great that you create a habitat for birds. Congrats on the Field Sparrow.