Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dovekie in Suffolk County...

Daring the often dreaded traffic on the Southern State Parkway on Long Island NY. I made the mad dash late this afternoon for a Dovekie (The Little Auk, or Alle alle, is a small auk, the only member of the genus Alle) that was reported to be at the Suffolk County Timber Point Park West Marina.

I made it with just minutes of light remaining thanks to my friend Shai Mitra, who helped me with directions. It was amazing watching the Dovekie swimming so close in the most unusual of places. I thought several times that someone would jump out of the phragmites with a remote yelling "gotcha" was so unreal. To show how bird watching can be so fascinating and unpredictable, while watching the Dovekie, I heard a Carolina Wren calling. I wonder how many people have experienced that?

If the bird stays around, I would like to return with decent light for better photos, but here is one that is recognizable even with the low light.

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noflickster said...

Beautiful shot! I'm hoping we find one this weekend in MA, it'd be a lifer.

dAwN said...

I want one of these...can you catch it in a net and ship it to me? will it be happy in my sink?