Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Osprey and Barn Owl Banding Outing II...

A rather large team gathered at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens NY on Thursday July 2nd, to assist in the banding of the Osprey chicks and possibly Barn Owlets if any were found. Our first stop was at the nest on the West Pond trail and we were able to band one Osprey chick, but the other two fledged....though I noted them back at the nest on Saturday July 4th, so they are all doing well. Rather than getting into a lengthy post on the day's events, I will summarize that it was a very good day and let the photos tell the story. Note, on this day we did not find any Owlets though we looked as several nesting sites.

We got this guy banded before he/she could fledge.

I Photographed this flock of Laughing Gulls hovering over one of the nesting site. It was almost as if they were acting as guardians of the chick, while mama watched us from above.

Baby Osprey getting accessorized. There was one other egg at this nest that was not successful.

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dAwN said...

I think we need to follow you around! You sure do allot of very cool things!