Monday, March 19, 2018

Banded Herring Gull C47

Herring Gull C47 showboating for nearby Herring Gull 2-15-2018.

Over the past few seasons, I have become quite familiar with banded Herring Gull C47 who has made Brooklyn one of its favorite wintering sites. I have had countless encounters and taken many photographs. This bird was banded by Dr. Sara R. Morris in 2005 at Appledore Maine when it could not fly.  In 2017, it was in its 13CY (calendar year). My last observation was on 2-15-2018, where I watched it interacting with Fish Crows as they appear to have devised a plan to extract treats from a nearby garbage can. Some photos C47 from this Winter.

Herring Gull C47 negotiating with a Fish Crow for scraps 2-15-2018.

Herring Gull C47 on 12-9-2017 

Spread wing shot of  Herring Gull C47 on 12-9-2017

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