Saturday, March 21, 2015

Banded Ring-Billed Gull

On March 10th, Baisley Pond in Queens NY, produced the 5th banded Ring-billed Gull I have found there this winter. As I have done in the past, this bird was reported to the banding station in Quebec Canada where there is an ongoing research program on the ecology of Ring-billed Gulls. Within a matter of hours, I received word from Professor Jean - Francois Giroux who sent me information about  the bird, which was both banded in Quebec, Canada. My report, is the first entry in the re-sighting summary.

I was really lucky to spot this banded RBGU in the flock of Gulls at Baisley Pond. It was tucked away in the middle and I had to zoom in with my scope to the max along with my iPhone to get anything that I could read. This was the only shot I managed before the birds reshuffled and I could not pick it up in the flock thereafter. I hope to find and report more banded RBGUs to aid Professor Giroux and other researchers. Keep your eyes on the lookout for banded birds when out there.
Band number BF48 (B = Blue)
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