Thursday, January 1, 2015

Backyard Birding - A Hardy in January

It was the last day of the year and I decided I would go out and pickup some bird food for my feeders as I was getting down to my last few bag of Sunflower seeds.

As I stepped out to check on the feeders, I caught a flash of yellow/orange as a bird flew off the feeders heading towards a row of shrubs. Obviously my presence startled it. I did not have my bins but my initial impression was an Oriole. After fetching my bins, I searched and found the subject hiding in the Pines.

It was a Baltimore Oriole, I aged it as a 1st fall male and after waiting patiently, I was able to see it well once it came back to the feeders and birdbath.  I was excited to see this bird on the last day of the year and wondered if it would stick around for January 1st. As it happened it did; I picked it up after returning from birding in Manhattan (more on that in another post), making a stop at home before heading to Brooklyn.

For my yard records, December 31st was the latest sighting of a Baltimore Oriole and January 1st is the earliest. Fitting for my first post of 2015.

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