Friday, June 6, 2014

History of Banded Ring-Billed Gull B1TU...

Readers may recall back in April, I posted to the blog, an image of a banded Ring-billed Gull, B1TU. I had reported the sighting along with the band details to the Bird Banding Lab. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Professor Jean Giroux who recommended that I also send the information to another website in Quebec Canada, which is a website being used to document the research of Ring-billed Gulls. The request was sent during the time I was in remote areas of China (no internet), so I could not get this done, but did so once I got back to NY. 

This morning, I received word from Professor Jean - Francois Giroux who sent me information showing that this bird, a juvenile, was banded on June 20th, 2013 in Quebec Canada. This banding program, is a joint effort conducted by researchers from the University of Quebec in Montreal CA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts DCR as part of a study on the dynamics and movement of Ring-billed Gulls in NA.

My sighting of B1TU, is the 1st entry in the summarized history of this bird. Keep an eye out for B1TU, your observation could be the next entry and as always, look for others as well.  Our reports of banded birds such as this Ring-billed Gull are invaluable data to the researchers.

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