Saturday, March 1, 2014

Field Notes as February Winds Down...

Some images to share with readers from a a few outings in the field.  This Red-headed Woodpecker continues in Kissena Park Queens at least as of February 24th when I last saw it.  I think this could be the immature bird that was seen back in October of 2013 that has matured nicely.  Note the forehead still shows some brown feathers from the immature plumage.

This Brown Thrasher, was also observed and photographed at Kissena Park. I find this bird to be very difficult to get out in the open, so I was very grateful to get this semi decent photo. I should add; this is one of my favorite birds.

While many Snowy Owls have pulled out, there are still some around. Like this beauty, I stumbled upon who was quite fine with me taking a photo before I silently thanked her (I think it was a girl) and moved on

Last Sunday, I found a Common Teal or Eurasian Green-winged Teal at Brookville Park in Rosedale Queens. At some point, I will do a separate post with additional images, but here is one showing the horizontal stripe on the lower scapulars, which is a key field mark for Common Teal.

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Unknown said...

Hi Andrew.. Great that so much beauty persists in Queens..thanks for sharing it!