Friday, February 15, 2013

Redheads are cool, you just have to find them!

Recently I had a debate with a friend of mine on a certain Christmas Count where for whatever reasons, the parties responsible for the second time in a row missed Redheads that I confirmed where present on the site to be covered. My criticism was not for the folks who missed them on the count but for the senior birders who allowed the miss to happen AGAIN. Someone had to take charge and double up on the location to ensure that the ducks were recorded on COUNT DAY. Alas, that did not happen and so I was engaged with tales of what I could only perceive as "GI". Well, I just had to observe and photograph these handsome and cute Redheads, just to dispel that they were not just a myth. Oh and I am talking about DUCKS here, what else did you think I meant ;)

Oh my, look at all those Redheads - if you seek ye shall find!

The ladies are drying off themselves

Nice gathering of Redheads

A handsome fella!

This female Redhead struts her stuff!
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corey said...

It would be nice if you would do the Queens count instead of just pointing out the misses.

And, by the way, I checked Baisley Pond Park on 6 January and there were no Redheads there so it is possible that they just weren't there on count day.


Well Corey, as you know if I was not committed to other counts, I "probably" would do the Queens count. Don't take it too personally. A miss is a miss no matter how it is spun. I am sure I have missed many birds on my counts.

Yes, it's always possible to miss a bird on count day, but very hard to explain how 24 Redheads could go missing when they were there when I posted prior to the count and BTW, still there.

corey said...

Not my turf though next year the whole circle will be my turf as I am taking over as compiler.

And it is clear that the Queens count is the one that needs help - we can barely cover the turf now, much less double check spots.