Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 8th Photo Quiz Answers...

John Beetham from "A DC Birding Blog" and fellow Bloggerhead Kingbird, was the only person to get all of the species correctly. I have provided an enlarged photo (see below) labeling some of the birds. Note, that I did not label every bird because I am hoping that folks would take a shot at figuring out which label would apply to the remaining non labeled birds in the photo. I hope to see many more entries from my Van Courtlandt Bird Walk attendees and on that note, would like to thank Frank Donovan for his good effort.

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Anonymous said...

The quiz photo was a lot easier to see, but I still could not identify much. I thought I saw a little brown on the lower right bird, so I will hazard a wild guess that it is a brown headed cowbird.
I am going to try be arrive tomorrow at around 7:15 AM If you don't see me an wonder if I have arrived my cell is 917-379-2122


Cindy said...

Thanks for the answers Andrew :-)