Friday, October 24, 2008

Finishing up planting the Virginia Roses at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge...

Today, I headed out to Jamaica Bay to finish off the task of planting the remaining Virginia Roses (Rosa virginiana).   My helper, Nancy, from the first part of the planting project, had put an additional plant into the ground over at the Bird Blind and that left me with about thirteen plants.   Five of which I planted behind the bird blind.

The plan today, was to plant the remaining eight plants near the visitor’s center by the walkway to the rear of the building.  I got to the center around 9:45 a.m. and started planting by 10:00 a.m. later on, I was joined by Nancy who helped me to water the plants once they were in the ground.   Hopefully in May - July next year, I will have photos of blooming Virginia Roses to share.

As Nancy and I were heading back into the visitors center to put away the tools, we came across a birder who I noticed was trying to focus on some bird subject in the shrubs just to the left of the visitor center door.   I stopped and began looking in the shrubs to find the subject, I did not have to look for too long as I saw a flash of yellow.  Selecting a good spot as my marker, I swung up my Bi’s, which were around my neck and focused on the spot. Our subject turned out to be a Blue-headed Vireo.  I hung around with the birder who introduced himself as Bob, and we had several good looks of the Vireo.  We also saw a couple of White-throated Sparrows and Song Sparrows.  In addition, during the time I was working, I had also heard and then noticed several Downy Woodpeckers, Yellow-rumped Warblers and also heard and saw a small flock of Pine Siskins flying overhead.

Here are some photos of the Vireo.

Blue-headed Vireo also known as the Solitary Vireo.

A closer look at the Blue-headed or Solitary Vireo. Share with Bookmark and Share

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