Thursday, January 29, 2009

Misses and hits...

We have entered the time of Winter where landing double digits in species count on a day out in the field has become tougher. The last few bird outings were not successful at all...either in chasing down a lifer or picking up species for my year list. For example, last weekend, I went out to Floyd Bennett for the Black-headed Gull and then to Fort Tilden for Crossbills and came up empty on both. Not to be dissuaded, I tried for the Crossbills at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and came up short there as well.

Despite the setbacks I remained positive and enjoyed those species that I saw with the perspective that there is always another day. The good news is, that with misses there are hits and one such hit was, I landed my first Eastern Bluebird of the year in Teatown NY. The next hit or hits was the result of a remarkable day out at Jones Beach, birding with some two of from the crew regarded as "The Jones Beach Boys", Joe Guinta and Sy SchiffI had a good time birding with them and while I did not land the Crossbills (yet again), I picked up a Snowy Owl and Eared Grebe...both lifers. In addition, I was able to add 9 birds to my 2009 list and made up some ground on Joe and Sy who have already broken the century mark for the year.

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Anonymous said...

Snowy Owl! Need I say more.


The Snowy Owl was indeed special!