Saturday, January 17, 2009

Backyard News...

Things continue to be relatively quiet in the backyard, with the usual visitors. I did get three Red-wing Blackbirds which was an increase of two as I have had one visiting the feeders over the past month. The recent highlight is an adult Sharp-shinned Hawk, who put on a spectacular display in maneuverability in the backyard. I had the pleasure of observing this bird for over 2-3 hours, who in that time had one kill and two very close misses. I am still looking out for that new species for the backyard list, but I am enjoying the regulars who visit the feeders. Speaking of feeders, I just finished making a suet feeder, which consisted of a discarded tree branch that I just cut to size and drilled holes for the suet. The downy seems to like it a lot and has been feasting on the home made suet that I fill the holes with. Share with Bookmark and Share

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