Saturday, July 4, 2015

Piping Plover banded in the Bahamas

I added to my collection of banded Piping Plovers on June 27th when I observed and photographed a banded PIPL with two chicks at West Meadow Beach on Long Island, NY. I sexed this bird as a male; it had a pink flag on the right leg with a metal band on the left leg. The color scheme, which I think is a new combination, was of a PIPL banded in the Bahamas and I have already submitted the find to the banding report site to obtain the history for this bird.  This was not my first Bahamas Banded Piping Plover, I have documented a few in Queens and on Long Island. However, this one was my first for this new color scheme.  I will post the information on the banding of this bird once I have a response.

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