Sunday, January 27, 2013

Van Cortlandt Bird Walk Report 1-26-13...

The highlights from a cold and wintery day at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx was one continuing Cackling Goose. The bird was on the lake and it took some searching before I managed to pick it out from the loafing flock. One would think with most of the lake frozen and the Canada Geese bunched up in one area, it would make the searching easier, but that was not the case. The bunched up birds made it harder to pick the little fella out, but we eventually did.

Cackling Goose (circled).

My friend Andria and I studied our subject as it floated sometimes into view and tried to keep it in our sights as we searched the rest of the flock for other Cackling candidates. I managed some photos showing our bird tucked in and then with its head untucked.

Other highlights included 3 Eastern Bluebirds at Vault Hill, one male and 2 females. We also had our usual assortment of birds near the golf course including nice looks at Rusty Blackbirds. A lone Cedar Waxwing was spotted hanging out with a flock of American Robins who looked rather pristine against the snow background. Despite the freezing conditions, it was a nice day for a walk and the Cackling Goose study was a treat. We ended up with a total of 34 species. Here are some photos.

Rusty Blackbird
Female Northern Cardinal

American Robin

American Robin

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cindyzlogic said...

Some gorgeous shots here, Andrew!