Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pining for Grosbeaks...

After successfully seeing the "banded" Common Pochard at Port Henry, we (Jeff, Eric and I) felt we had enough time on the clock to chase Pine Grosbeaks.  I was excited about this because it would be a life bird and I was looking forward to FINALLY seeing these birds after reading and hearing so much about them.

It took a bit of driving, but finally we were in Queensbury an area where Pine Grosbeaks were reported recently.  After about an hour driving around, I spotted some birds in a tree and asked Jeff to stop the car; glassing the birds, I asked Jeff to get a bit closer to get into better light.  Eric Miller who was riding shotgun had the better angle once we moved and he shouted, I think we got them.  I was grinning.  Yeah Baby!!!  Quickly exiting the car even before it came to a full stop, I got my bins up on my life Pine Grosbeaks.

Sweet, views indeed.  I reached into the car for my camera and offered to wait for Jeff, so that we could all move in together.  We did and got close to these beauties;  the flock of Pine Grosbeaks, 17 of them, paid us no mind as they wolfed down on what looked like Crab Apples.  I took several photos and totally soaked in the view.  Everything I had read and heard were spot on.  These were sweet, gentle looking birds who were very tame.  We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the birds until they decided that they had their fill of Crab Apples on that tree and took off, leaving 3 very, very, satisfied and happy birders.Here are some more photos.

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Seagull Steve said...

Awesome birds, I've only seen one flock of them's not enough.


Indeed they were awesome! Hopefully, I will get to see some males in the near future.