Friday, May 22, 2009

Shorebird Monitoring at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge...

A morning walk at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens NY to do some shorebird monitoring and photography, resulted in very exciting least it was for me. I found well over 300 Red Knots feeding out on the mudflats with many other shorebirds. The species recorded and counted include the following: Red Knots (300+), Rudy Turnstones (100+), Semipalmated Sandpipers (100+), Least Sandpipers (20+), Semipalmated Plovers (100+), Black-bellied Plovers (50+) and Short-billed Dowitchers (10). Those of you who know the "Plight of the Red Knots", would understand my exuberance at seeing Red Knots outnumbering the other shorebirds. If you are interested in understanding the situation with the Red Knots, I recommend you look at the documentary "Crash: A Tale of Two Species".

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