Thursday, May 14, 2009

Conservation work at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge Queens NY...

On Tuesday, I arranged my schedule to join my friends Doris and Don in doing some planting at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Doris and I got started by planting a couple of Beach Plums behind the visitor's center. While planting the Beach Plums, I reviewed some plants that I had put into the ground in the same area. The plants included, several Virgina Roses and a Hackberry sapling; they all appeared to be doing quite well and I was very happy at the success. Once Don got back from wherever he went (probably skylarking somewhere:)), we headed out to plant Amelanchier Canadensis along the BLVD. We ended up planting about 14 plants and also did some Bittersweet removal. While we were planting we did some analysis on a few areas where the invasives were wreaking havoc on many of the native plants. We discussed organizing a day of invasive removal. Not sure when this will happen, but I fully expect a follow-up conversation and an action plan shortly. We will probably concentrate on removing the Oriental Bittersweet that is taking over several of the Cedars. Stay tuned for "Operation Take Back Jamaica Bay"...or something like that. Share with Bookmark and Share

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