Friday, May 4, 2012

Wildflower Friday...

Turk's Cap Lily (Lilium superbum), is a rare one for Forest Park Queens NY.  Seen and photographed with the help of my friend and botany extraordinaire, Mike Feder.  Turk's-cap lily flowers have a green star at the center, which makes a good identifying mark for this plant. The green star will distinguish Turk's-cap lily from tiger lily (Lilium trigrinum), a plant from Asia that sometimes escapes from gardens. When in bloom Turk's-cap lily, has a gorgeous flower.

The Viburnum Leaf Beetle, Pyrrhalta viburni (Paykull), is an invasive, non-native beetle that first appeared in New York along Lake Ontario in 1996, and has steadily spread. It is a voracious eater that can defoliate viburnum shrubs entirely. Plants may die after two or three years of heavy infestation. This image is the Larvae in the first stage.

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