Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Birding Central Park...

Far Left - Birding Bob and his birding group
I did some Central Park birding this weekend and picked up a couple of good birds. The first, was the continuing Varied Thrush that was found on November 28th, by Mike Bryant and Ray Slyper. I had twitched this bird on the day it was found (see my post here) and it was good to see it again. The second, was a Red-headed Woodpecker that continues to be seen well by many birders. The Varied Thrush can be seen around Maintenance Meadow near the restrooms. Often times there are birders looking for the bird, so keep an eye out and don't hesitate to ask. I did just that on Sunday when I saw Robert DeCandido, known in Central Park as "Birding Bob" and his band of birders who were observing the bird. Bob and his co-leader Deb Allen, were kind enough to get me on the bird and even invited me along with them, which I regrettably had to decline since I was pressed for time. Bob has weekend walks in Central Park with a loyal following. Check his website for dates and times. I hope you had some time to bird this past weekend as well.

Varied Thrush in Central Park, NYC.

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