Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring migration at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge...

Rain over the past few days, has put a damper on my birding activities. A break from the rain today allowed me to arrange my schedule to bird the West Pond and North and South Gardens at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Arriving at the refuge around 9:45 AM, I started in the South Garden working my way towards the North Garden. In the South Garden, there were a number of Black-throated Green Warblers moving around along with a lone female Rose breasted Grosbeak. In the North Garden, things picked up with Blue-headed Vireos, White-eyed Vireos, Black-throated Green Warblers, one Blue-winged Warbler, Yellow Warblers, a single Northern Parula, and a new arrival in Blackburnian Warblers (3-4). On the West Pond Trail out on the mudflats in Pumpkin Channel, there were new shorebird arrivals. Observed were Dunlins (estimated about 50 +), Black-bellied Plovers (14), Ruddy Turnstone (10) and Willet (6). This is a very good sign that birds have moved in during the past few days. If the weather holds up tonight, we could have a good push with even more species arriving for a nice weekend of birding. I will have to watch the weather and see how it plays out the next few days. Share with Bookmark and Share

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