Thursday, May 21, 2009

A morning visit to Oceanside...

After resting from the Delmarva trip, I had the itch to get out and I made a long overdue trip to the Marine Nature Area in Oceanside NY. I was late in getting there and arrived well after 10:00 AM; after chatting a bit with Assistant Biologist Kim Fessler, I headed out to walk the loop. The sun was out in full force and it made for a nice walk, though I would have preferred it to be a little cooler. Among the species, noted included Short-billled Dowitcher, Green Heron, Snowy and Great Egrets, Forster's Tern, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Semipalmated Plover, Nesting Ospreys, Song Sparrow, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, Willet, and Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow. Unfortunately, the Black Necked Stilt was not around and has probably moved on or was not there when I visited. No flycatchers seen so they may not be around as yet, or I could have missed them. Kim did indicate and showed me photos of a Ruby Throat Hummingbird that was seen visiting the feeders, so they are around, but I had none that day. Share with Bookmark and Share

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