Monday, May 12, 2008

NYC Audubon Birdathon for Beginners - Central Park

In May I signed up to participate in the Central Park Birdathon for Beginners, which was held on May 10th; I figured it would be a cool thing to help raise money for a good cause and also I would get a chance to test my birding skills.  I ended up raising about 200.00 dollars for the NYC Audubon :)

Most of my birding was done in the ramble and I did meet up and tagged along with a team that was captained by Melissa from the NYC Audubon.  I recorded a total of 43 species, including my first sighting of an Indigo Bunting, Chestnut Sided Warbler and Black Burnian Warbler.  Here is my list...

1 American Redstart
2 American Robin
3 Baltimore oriole
4 Barn swallow
5 Black-and-white warbler
6 Blackburnian warbler
7 Black-throated blue warbler
8 Blue jay
9 Canada goose
10 Cedar Waxwing
11 Chestnut-sided warbler
12 Common grackle
13 Common yellowthroat
14 Cormorant
15 Downy woodpecker
16 Gray catbird
17 Great Crested Fly-catcher
18 Hermit thrush
19 House sparrow
20 Indigo bunting
21 Laughing Gull
22 Magnolia warbler
23 Mallard duck
24 Mourning dove
25 Mourning Dove
26 Northern Cardinal
27 Northern parula
28 Ovenbird
29 Prairie warbler
30 Red-bellied woodpecker
31 Red-winged blackbird
32 Rock pigeon
33 Rose Breasted Grosebeak
34 Song Sparrow
35 Starling
36 Swainson's thrush
37 Tufted titmouse
38 Veery
39 White Crowned Sparrow
40 White-throated sparrow
41 Wood thrush
42 Yellow warbler
43 Yellow-rumped warbler Share with Bookmark and Share